Do you feel that other marketers and agencies don’t, won’t or simply can’t grasp what it is you do because it doesn’t fit the ‘typical’ mould?

Maybe my company, Wyatt Media, is the right marketing agency for you.

Hamish Wyatt, Copywriter in Brisbane
Hamish Wyatt, Founder

Why? Chances are, I’ve been where you are and felt your pain.

After 10 years working in Brisbane and in the USA for a niche technology and professional service business, my run-ins with agencies had rarely been positive.

Because our business wasn’t the ‘sexy’, easily defined consumer business with prime time TV ads, the agencies struggled to learn the business and get inside the customer’s head: it was too boring and complex.

Of course, they always understood how to invoice.

So in 2016, I formed Wyatt Media: the agency for ‘boring’ businesses.

We aren’t all skinny jeans and flash haircuts: we’re professional analysts and communicators who want to understand what makes you, your business and your customers tick. Once we know that, we can develop strategies and execute campaigns that give you real results.

I hope we get the chance to work together.

All the best,


Hamish Wyatt
Owner, Wyatt Media

Let’s talk about solving real marketing issues

P.S. I work from a very comfortable home office under my house in Clayfield, and as stingy as that sounds, it also means the rates I charge clients aren’t padded to cover expensive rent. Of course, you are welcome to meet me at my home office, however I’m more than happy to meet you at yours or on Skype.